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Kentucky inflicts tough penalties on those charged with Driving Under the Influence. Even first time offenders face license suspension,and tough fines.


In KY, the penalties are much more severe with repeat DUI offenses. These include mandatory license suspension and incarceration.


Your DUI may be considered an aggravated DUI under specific circumstances, such as excessive speed, causing an accident or high BAC levels. These cases carry additional penalties.


In Kentucky, you can receive a DUI charge for driving under the influence of any intoxicating drug. Drug cases can be especially difficult, as there is no set blood testing standard to determine intoxication.

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DUI. . . Three simple letters that could very easily change your life. We hear about it almost every day, often regarding celebrities on television. It is easy to disregard the impact of three simple letters. These three letters could cost your driving privileges, your career, or your freedom.

As soon as you are pulled over for a DUI you immediately know that it will have a lasting impact on your life.

And we know this too....because we see it and hear it every day when we speak to those who we are helping.

Being charged with a crime is highly emotional. Depending on your particular situation, your daily life might be like riding an emotional roller-coaster – where some days are good - yet so many more are bad.


As defense attorneys, we can tell you that defending criminal charges will be one of the most emotionally draining events of your life. You have a lot of questions and need answers. You’re not alone here, because everyone in your position has felt the same way.

That is why it makes sense to have an experienced attorney at your side.

Our DUI defense attorneys have experience in resolving and trying all types of DUI cases. We are not afraid to go to trial to defend your rights.

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